Earn $1,000 A Month From V.A. Benefits

Caring for a loved one can take a lot.  In many ways you have an additional job.  You’re juggling two responsibilities.  Caring for yourself and caring for your loved one.

Thinking about finances at this time is almost too much.  Money is stressful.  You’d rather spend your free time connecting with those you love.

And yet, there are times when being a financial advocate for your loved one is needed.  It can even become a necessity.  V.A. benefits are an excellent place to look for help.  It’s a fantastic path to more income for your family.

I’ve helped dozens of people earn more money over the years.  I’m the crazy kid who would yell at new analysts at my consulting company to “Invest in your 401k now!”  After they stared at me like a dear in headlights, I would sit next to their computer and make them do it.

My financial coaching has expanded into many roles.  One of my favorites is that I’ve hosted countless interview prep sessions with friends.  When they sit down with me they know I mean business.  I show up in a suit and tie.  I evaluate their responses.  I glare at them.

It’s better they struggle with me first and perform better in the actual interview.  And it works.  Most walk away 5X more professional than when we started.  Many secure the job they’ve been dreaming of.

Salary negotiations are another one of my favorites.  I’ve walked dozens through the tennis match that is discussing a raise with your boss.  I’ve helped several people increase their salary by $10,000 +.  I’ve used the exact same tools to increase my own income 438%.

How does this apply to you?  There are principles and best practices to earning more money.  And these principles are exactly what will get you the highest benefits from the V.A.


The Secret To Earning Money

Earning money isn’t simply about finding a way to earn income.  It’s about knowing the steps necessary to find that income.  It’s about finding the right pieces and sequencing them correctly.  It’s about identifying a world class expert and mirroring their habits.

Many of us are intelligent.  We have high powered degrees or work good jobs.  But earning money can be a challenge on a whole new level.  Often we face serious panic or just simply get stuck.

The secret is that in our initial attempts many of us are trying to sell ice to an Eskimo.  We fail to see that we’re looking in the wrong place.

The answer is to sell water to a marathoner.  Go to the deep pools of need and value.  Fish where there are many fish.

V.A. benefits is a deep pool.  There are many fish waiting to be caught.

I’d like to show you the step by step process to get thousands of dollars from V.A. benefits.  You deserve it.  Your loved one deserves it.

All you need is a guide who knows the tricks of the trade.  You need someone who knows how to earn income that you can follow.

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Published: May 21, 2015
By: JP Adams

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